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Hi Superheros
Have to say that's the best Spiderman party I've ever seen. I have had a lot of parties but never seen what you guys did at my sons 9th Birthday. we cant believe that you could keep 30 children that are all cool dudes, so entertained with one Spiderman. He really entertained them, made us laugh and was very cool as the kids put it. The weather was really bad that day and that still did not stop Spiderman. Kids loved his great entrance and just want to tell You did a tremendous job. see you next year. Thank you very much superheros you certainly saved the day. y

Yours truly,

Moonie & Meedo


Hi Guys,
Just want to say a huge thank you for making my daughters 5th birthday party so spectacular. The kids was so happy and really believed that you guys was the real batman and robin. The children's conversation after you left was all about batman and robin. The games and interacting was superb. Definitely being getting you to come back next year. GREAT JOB THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.

Jasmine and Mariam.


Dear Partyheroes,


Thank you so much for putting on such a great show today. Velia and all the kids had a great time. Everyone has said that you were the best entertainer they had seen

So there you go.


Thanks again so much 

From Nina & John


I would like to provide you with some fantastic feedback from our party.
Thank you so much for entertaining our kids as well as our adult guests at Daniel's 5th birthday party. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and I appreciated your professionalism. You certainly are experts in kid’s parties. I hope that you gain plenty of business through our party and by word of mouth because you made my son Daniel's day (perhaps year!). All the kids at his preschool have been praising the superheroes and will never forget meeting them!
Keep up the great work,


Just a quick note to say thank you for entertaining the kids so well at Saturdays Star Wars party  It has been the talk of the class and I think will be a fantastic memory for those kids for a long time to come. After their heroes left, the boys were busy scanning the skies to see if they could see the spaceship you left on, which I think is testament to your fantastic characters!


Thanks again,




To the crew @ Partyheroes,



I would really like to thank you for a fantastic party on Sunday for my son THOMAS, The superheroes were wonderful, very entertaining, the parents & kids have not stopped talking about the great time they had. You guys were great & I look forward to your appearance in the future.

Thank you once again for the surprise


I congratulate you on a wonderful performance full of fun & very professional, even my grandmother & grandfather loved it.


Thank you once again

Kind regards



 Hi, we had a wonderful time, not just the kids but the adults as well!  WELL DONE!!!! IT was amazing. My son was very happy; the atmosphere was full of energy, laughter!  I am extremely happy.  You guys delivered what you promised. 


 I will definitely call you guys for my next event.  I handed out all your business cards without hesitations and recommend you to all my friends!


Keep up the good work Party Heroes!






Hi Guys,


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for making Bianca’s Christening Party so much fun. Everybody is raving about how great you were..... Thanks again : - )







Hi PartyHeroes,


Firstly I would like to say thank you so much for making our party such a success. The children and parents were all raving about how good it was. A big thank you must go to the superheroes and the music man. You had 30 odd children and parents very entertained. I know the birthday boy Jordan loved it and so did his little brother Haydn (Robin you made his day). We even had comments from the neighbors about how much fun the party was for the kids. I have never held a party that was so easy. Many parents commented on how organized you were. The party just flowed and you managed to keep all those little superheroes so entertained. Not an easy task with all that excitement. I’m sure you will be receiving many calls from the parents whose children are having birthdays soon. I know you will hear from me again. Please feel free to send me some business cards as I would be more than happy to recommend you to others.


Thank you for making so many children smile.


Kind Regards,





Hi Partyheroes

Angelo and I want to thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment you provided for Sia's Christening.

The Heroes were absolutely fantastic and interacted in such a tremendous way with all the children! They enjoyed participating in the games and talked about all the fun they had.  Thank you for letting the adults join in the fun too.

You can be sure we will be recommending your entertainment service to friends and family in the future.
Once again, a special thank for doing such a great job!






To everyone at PartyHeroes,


I can’t thank you enough for the entertainment at my son’s birthday party.  GI Joe was so entertaining, professional and so much fun for the kids (and adults!).

I was so impressed with the level of engagement that he was able to maintain throughout the hour – the children and parents were still raving about the show long after he was gone.  I will definitely be recommending your service to my friends and colleagues.  Keep up the great work!


Thanks again,







Just wanted to say a big THANKYOU for the show last Saturday – it was a hit!   My kids loved it and so did all the other kids...and adults too!


The superheroes were amazing – Great job.


Thanks again



Hello Partyheroes


What can I say , words are not enough , I’ve hired other children’s services over the years because I have four children , nothing comes even close to you guys , you leave them in your dust , the professionalism , the character performances were just absolutely amazing , you guys are just simply the best .


Thank you so very much



Hello PartyHeroes


All I can say is Wow!  And that’s an understatement.

When you guys first entered it was the wow factor, then came the performance which was out of this world, you really know how to entertain.

The kids were just absolutely amazed and just haven’t stopped talking about it.

A job well done



Form Ryde



Hi guys


I would just like to compliment you on your professionalism and character performances.

We had the backyard and the pergola done up like a fairy princess forest kingdom.

As soon as the fairy walked in, or should I say appeared, because that’s what she did, I thought I was a child again. She looked like she just came out of a story book, she was so believable and beautiful with the kids, we just didn’t want the fairy to go. It was like we were in a fantasy story.

And once she read them a story they just fell asleep around her like little fairies.

I quickly took a photo and will cherish that for always

Anastasia the birthday girl just cherishes the wand you gave her.

Just simply beautiful.


Thankyou for a great fantasy for the kids



Hi Guys


We had the very best time at my son’s party, just simply outstanding.

The pirates were so REAL!!!  The costumes, their performances, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Even their accents, it was like they just had stepped out of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The kids just loved the captain and his funny jokes and his sidekick just completely cracked us up.

Everyone is still puzzled, on how they did that disappearing trick, lol.

The very best show that we have ever seen, better than even the theatre



Steven & Samantha




Dear Partyheroes


Lets me start by saying a GIGANTIC THANKYOU.

Your 4 characters that appeared at the play centre were the best all of our families had ever seen.

How they appeared form different corners of the centre and surprised the kids was a great entry.

But most of all how they kept 112 children mesmerized and so well behaved was just something else but spectacular.

The other mothers asked me can they teach us ,lol


Thank you for a fantastic show, the kids just couldn’t get enough.


From all our families


You guys really Rock





To Partyheroes,


I would just like to say thank you very much for making Joshua’s birthday very special.

He couldn’t wait till his favourite hero arrived and wouldn’t leave his side.

The kids were so excited and he had everyone mesmerized.

It was just fabulous .


3 cheers

Silvia from Manly






To everyone at Partyheroes


My daughter Angela had the most magnificent time at her birthday party with her group of friends.

The Princess that came was so beautiful and very good and gentle with the kids that all the mothers that watched the show had a warm funny feeling that they were turning back into little kids themselves.

She was very lovely and gave all the kids all her attention and no one missed out. Everyone had a great time.









Hello Partyheroes


We had 30 odd children at the party and didn’t know what to do, when your characters turned up they really saved the party.

They turned them from little monsters to absolute Angels, lol. We’re still wondering how they did that.

That just proves you guys really know kids entertainment. They had them eating out of their hands. Lucas and all his friends had the best time.


We take our hats off to you.


Thanks again



Hi Partyheroes

The kids had a fantastic time and the parents did too. I would recommend Partyheroes to anyone, you guys are fantastic!!!


Thanks, we had a great party because of you!

As a parent co-ordinating a party, it's hard to take the time to sit back and see how things are going. With the luxury of looking back through the photos, however, it was obvious how engaging Crystal was. She had both young and old involved (and I think the parents secretly enjoyed doing the chicken dance). We were really impressed with how involved you both were with the guests and, in hindsight, I realise I should have had you there longer - it was very difficult to contain the kiddies once you both left, even if it were just for cutting the cake!

Genna continues to talk about Crystal and keeps asking whether she has gone back to the sea. What's more, she's even attempting magic tricks - it really made an impression on her!

Once again, many thanks. I have spread the word to let anyone and everyone knows how good Partyheroes are.

Louise Rogers.

Dear Party Heroes,

I am writing to applaud the efforts that the Superhero went to in entertaining 20+ 5yrolds on what turned out to be an extremely hot day!

He was a non-stop power machine I don't know how his amazing costume held out.

The kids had a ball as did the parents, one of the adults commented that they hadn't grinned so much in years! That could have been to do with the he got 20 of us 'grown ups' dancing to the Hokey Pokey!

He gave us the full treatment, magic tricks, acrobats, dancing he even got the kids to eat! To top it off he went well over the allocated time.

I would like to thank Party Heroes for providing us with such energetic entertainment.

Benson's Mum

Wow! I don't know where to begin. I'm lost for words. What a night it was. Thank you very much. The superheroes were all superb. All the parents are still raving on how they have never experienced a birthday party like this before. You guys sure saved the day. I will definitely use partyheroes again. I've actually got extra partyheroes business cards and have pinned them up at my son's daycare. Once again THANKYOU!


Hi, Partyheroes, thank you, we all enjoyed ourselves very much; kids had a ball and even the parent's got in on all the fun. It was a really great day and Jeff recommended you guy's in the future. Actually I already have! Thanks' again the entertainers were awesome. :)

Hi Partyheroes Team,

You have done an excellent job. Both, the kids and the adults enjoyed your show.

Many thanks for making the party a successful one.


Thank you so much or a fantastic show and making Kalan's day special......

I was so pleased that I gave Albert a tip and wanted to make sure this got to you guys!!!

I will highly recommend your business to anyone!!!

Thanks again

We would just like to say a very special thank you to Partyheroes for doing such a fabulous job today for Joseph's party. The kids were mesmerized and even the adults enjoyed the show. Thanks again for being so professional. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we will see you again next year as Joseph has already pointed out the fact that he would like another super hero party.

Take Care

Kind Regards
Max, Rose and Joseph Tomassian

Hi Guys

The party was a huge success and thankfully the weather was good on the day (we were a bit worried with all the rain last week).

The Pirate was FANTASTIC and had the kid's attention the whole time. I've never heard so many laughing and screaming kids!!

It was definitely the hot topic at school yesterday, so a big Thank You!

I've attached a few photos' I sent some of our friends and family.

You are definitely on my 'highly recommend' list.

Thanks again.

Hi PartyHeroes,

Firstly I would like to say thank you so much for making our party such a success. The children and parents were all raving about how good it was. Just want to give you guys a big thank you.

You had 30 odd children and parents very entertained. I know the birthday boy Jordan loved it and so did his little brother Haydn (Robin you made his day). We even had comments from the neighbours about how much fun the party was for the kids. I have never held a party that was so easy. Many parents commented on how organized you were. The party just flowed and you managed to keep all those little superhero's so entertained. Not an easy task with all that excitement. I'm sure you will be receiving many calls from the parents whose children are having birthdays soon. I know you will hear from me again. Please feel free to send me some business cards as I would be more than happy to recommend you to others.

Thank you for making so many children smile.

Kind Regards,
Kylie Snowden


Thank you so very much for my son's party that you attended on Sunday 18th May. Declan and his friends were extremely excited.

They are still talking about it at school. Other parents for different years are coming to us and asking about the party because they heard it was a huge success with the kids. These are parents we have never met. Thank you once again. It was very much worth the money plus more. I will and have recommended you to the parents from my son's school.


Kristie Davis
Declan Davis' Mother.

Dear PartyHeroes,

We thank you very much, everyone had a great time, the kids & adults really enjoyed your entertainment. Sam said that all the kids the following day at school where talking about what a great clown you where. Also the parents commented that they have never come across a more entertaining, professional, fun and enjoyable entertaining clown. And personally I would like to thank you and your team for making our son's birthday party one to remember for a very long time.

Thanks for saving our party.

Mrs. Elizabeth Rezitis
(Sam's Mother).

Hey Partyheroes, it was a Fantastic show and all the parents were very impressed. All the surrounding parties kept on enquiring about it.

Thanks again, fun was had by all!

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Hello PartyHeroes,

I would to extend our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the wonderful party hosting you gave for our children's' party last Sunday.

I have to admit that we were nervous and unsure of what to expect from PartyHeroes. Our experience with Party hosts tells us it is a mixed bag: you could get someone bland or someone entertaining. What we did know is that we wanted our kids party to be extra special: our daughter was turning 12 and will be starting high school next year while our son has reach the golden age of seven. These are milestones in our children's lives and we wanted to remember them and celebrate it in a very special way.

It was hard to choose a theme that would suit a 7-year old boy AND a 12 year old girl. Finally, we decided on a "Superhero" - themed party, where all of the kids attending will be in superhero costumes. From there we chose the venue, the decorations, invites, etc, all tuned to the superhero theme. One crucial aspect was the party host which could make or break the event. Of all the party hosts we communicated with, PartyHeroes seemed genuine and professional, at times playful in their responses. You seemed different from all the rest. So we went with our gut feel and chose you.

On the day of the party, we were extremely nervous. We were expecting a very big crowd: 50+ kids plus their parents, for a total of 120 guests. Everything was in place but if the party host was bad, everything would go pear-shape.

From the moment you arrive with complete audio equipment and your professional preparation, we knew that you knew what you were doing. When the Superheroes came out, the kids were enthralled. They looked especially convincing as the real deal. And they very active and engaging, keeping the children wildly entertained. Everyone, including the parents, had a great time and enjoyed the party. The best thing is, my son is very proud and still brags that the "real" Superheroes were at his party.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. You are truly the best party hosts we ever had and ever seen. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone or provide a testimonial to our great service.

Don and Joy Ramos.

Hi Guy's,

Thanks for a great day yesterday, Zach, his brother and all his friends had a great day.

He still has a smile on his face, even though his eyes are hang out of his head, he couldn't believe he met a superhero...

Again, thanks for a great day.


I've booked 2 Characters for my baby's first birthday. Show was booked to start an hour after serving lunch. I thought it was such a disaster when people weren't coming in yet and felt that we were boring those who were already there. Funny came in exactly 1 pm and caught kids' attention right from start, then started face painting. The show started right on time,, as planned. Funny did a great job painting the kids' faces as well, the best I've ever seen so far! The crews were awesome too - very professional! It was so organized and very professionally done. Partyheroes exceeded our expectations and I am definitely booking with them again for our next party! Our friends told us that it's the best kids' party they've ever been to. I am so glad we've asked a professional videographer to capture the whole party- I would love to watch the show over and over again!

Thanks to Partyheroes for making my baby's first birthday a very successful and memorable one!



Dear PartyHereos,

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Annaliese had the best 5th birthday party due to the beautiful Cinderella. She was just wonderful. The look on Annaliese's face when she walked in was priceless.

All her friends loved the show as well. It was so much fun.

You guys are the BEST!!! I will be recommending you to anyone having a party and not sure what to do to entertain the children.

You were so professional, friendly, entertaining and hilarious.

We cannot thank you enough for your brilliant show. Annaliese and her friends will never ever forget her 5th birthday party and the beautiful Cinderella.

Thank you!!!!!
Mark and Tami Gant.



Thank you sooooooo much. The party was a great success. Everyone said it was the best show they had ever seen; we didn't even know that there were any children. The pirate kept them sooo busy that no one was fighting. Feel free to use this as a personal review to post on your website including the picture I have included.



To Partyheroes,
it was absolutely fantastic. We had a couple of ultra shy kids and this morning Steven was showing me his photos and there they are mucking in on the tug a war with huge grins on their face. That sums it up for me. Princess Leia was wonderful and I noticed took great care of the young ones. You deserve a medal for surviving the heat in that costume and never losing your cool, or your identity.
I'll be in touch down the track about stories.
Thank you so much,
you are my heroes,



Sorry for delayed response! We were very, very impressed with 'Batman' as were all our guests! Our son really believes Batman came to his party. I will not hesitate to recommend you in the future.

Thank you!

Kind Regards




Hi PartyHeroes,


I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you to Pete and our Jedi knight visitor down to Thirroul on Sat 6th March for Tom’s 6th birthday party.  You were very professional and very patient with some children who didn’t want to do the right thing (a couple, not all!) and especially in the heat of the day.


The kids had a great time, especially Tom.  The kids at school can’t believe he had a real life Jedi there!


Well done guys, I will definitely have you over again.






The kids (and adults) had a great time. Batman was very impressive in his suit yet not scary at all for the kids – he had such a lovely gentle mannerism that the kids took to him immediately. He also did a great job keeping the kids totally under control for 1 hour!  Thank you again!

Tracy Poulton



Hi Partyheroes


I can’t thank you enough for sending us a Superhero.


He put on a fantastic show and make all the children and (ladies) smile, He was amazing.


As are you amazing for sending him to us without being paid and helping us raise $1000.00 for the World’s Greatest Shave (leukemia Foundation).


If you could send me some of your cards or pamphlets I will hand them out with every enrolment that I receive and put them in our Foyer as a Thank You for what you have done.





Jasmine Antonakis

Centre Director

My Little Sunshine Early Learning Centre



Dear Partyheroes,

I would like to thank you very much for the superhero  at my son Nicholas’ 2nd party on He was outstanding, funny, and kept the children & adults all on their feet, everyone was talking on how professional he was, not forgetting the person that came with him to set up he was great also. You guys charge just too cheap for what you do, his costume was perfect, and the show was absolutely amazing (perfect touch)

I will have no hesitation in ever recommending your business; it’s good to see that there are people out there who take pride in their work (especially when they work with young kids.)

Thank you once again,




Hi Team

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy we were with the team that helped with the 90th birthday party we held for Margie Lewis.

Your team kept everyone entertained, young and old, and were even able to have some of the dads and mums up and dancing! It was also great to have your teams help to keep the order of the party rolling along for our 100 guests. The special highlight for me was to see our 90yr old birthday girl joining your team for a sing along.  

Your team were certainly able to cover so many elements in the one day. Magic tricks, balloon sculpting, party games, face painting, dancing and singing.

It was also much appreciated that you also sent another clown later in the day, at no extra charge.

I'm hoping that you’re able to gain a lot of referral business, as so many of our family and friends were raving at what a great job your team did.

Thanks again to the team at Party Heroes.

Louise Pellicano
National Call Centre Manager
Direct Distribution
QBE Australia



Dear Partyheroes,


You were such a blessing!


We really appreciated your support, you guys were fantastic and the kids had such a brilliant time. I’m sure they will remember the day for a very long time.


One of the kids was having an operation the next day, and after you left he told us that he didn’t feel so scared about it anymore because if he can face pirates he can face anything!


We will definitely be using you again for whatever we can. We intend to hold events for the Starlight Children’s Foundation again – but next time bigger and better! We would love to welcome you back when we organize the next one. There are also a few weddings, christenings and birthday parties that require children’s entertainment so we will definitely recommend you.


With (a million) thanks,


Maya Burvill



Hi PartyHeroes,
The young 5-6yr old crowd was so excited when the superhero showed, and we were very thankful that a great entertainer had arrived.  They were a bit of a handful, this party crowd, and dressing the boys in their own Superhero suits seemed to give them the right to fight each other, as the superheroes do to the "badies".
I overheard one young boy telling his Dad when he was collected at the end of the party that the "Real Superhero" turned up Dad it was "Awesome".
So I think that would describe the way I feel as well, Awesome.
Thanks for working really hard for the Party crowd, and giving some little faces something to smile about and remember for a long time.
Thank you too for making my little one the Centre of Attention, with lots of Happy Birthday's and great High-Fives.
Karen Frost.



Hi Peter,


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU for a wonderful party.  All the kids were convinced that he was a real superhero, and the real deal had come to Jayden and Bailey's party.  They are still talking about it.  In Jayden's words, he had the best party ever - he especially loved the magic tricks.


Thank you, you really made not only their day, but everyone's day.




Chris & Maria



Dear Partyheroes


The kiddo's had a ball thanks to you guys!!!


And at the age of 10 they had the best time ever and didn’t want the pirates to go, they kept talking about how much fun they had
Thanks again for making the day fun for Adam.

Manager Personnel Services
Attorney General's Department


Hi Guys!


We apologize for a delayed response we are still getting over the shock of the superhero at the party!

Thank you, my son had the BEST party and looking back at the photos, in every picture the look on his face says “WOW I can’t believe a superhero was at my party and he’s talking to me!”  Comments from our friends are ‘What’s the number, my son wants a superhero party’ and they’re impressed it was priced reasonably, it was a wonderful performance.  Hats go off to Superhero’s sidekick in black, he assisted us, the kid’s and Ben and helped the party go smoothly, someone’s got to get the parents off they’re buts to HOKEY POKEY!

Thank you and we will see you again, congratulations on a great company.


Michelle and Francis Kyan





Good Morning,
Can I please send a huge thank you to the team from party heroes whom attended our fundraising event at Mortdale RSL on Saturday 24th October. The children (all 25 of them) have not stopped talking about Snow White and her helpers. They were so professional and friendly and kept the kids engaged for 1.5 hours. I would definitely recommend and use Party Heroes again what a great night we all had.



Hi Partyheros!


Last year you sent Bob my son’s third birthday party and we all had a fantastic time! My son still talks about the party almost a year later and all the guests were raving about it for months!

That just says it all you guys are the best.






You guys are legends and the kids (and adults) thought the show was great. My boys are still talking about Jedi John! You are worth every cent.


They had a brilliant time and I was thrilled. So thank you very much.

The kids were just about getting out of control when you turned up. I have never been so pleased to see a Jedi :)






Hi Partyheroes,
we cannot believe our eyes when Cinderella walked in, Our eyes just lit up

All the children were dressed in there favorite fairytale outfits.

Cinderella made three grown woman cry and one of them being my mother , it brought them back to their child hood days ,They were overwhelmed with joy and they couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful and gentle she was just like the fairytale .

 My daughter and her friends were over the moon. All her friends now want Cinderella at their party now =] .

Will definitely see more of you guys in the coming future.




Hi Partyheroes,


Thanks a lot for making Sophie's party a success.  The Superhero was fantastic!  He was such a caring hero.  And thanks for being so professional and sensitive to the Sophie's need.  I will certainly pass on my good reference to other mums.  See you

Again next year!






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