Special Requests

   Keep YOUR fantasy alive


Remember once upon a time when you used to play in the garden and you thought you were a fairy,  in a little magical world of fairies to call your own? Or when you would pretend you were a superhero fighting crime and saving the world?  Or a pirate sailing the seven seas in search of adventure and buried treasure? 

Well, PartyHeroes can make your dreams come true!!

We have put together a special request section for kids, and big kids, alike to make their dreams or fantasies come true.

It doesn’t have to be a birthday party or function for you to meet a superhero, pirate, fairy etc

What we do, we work with you!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a superhero to appear at your home on some special occasion, or the tooth fairy to actually come and take your tooth from under the pillow? No need to wonder about it anymore. NOW, it can happen for real!

Don’t wait all year to surprise your kids or friends on their birthday, any occasion will do… You can surprise them just for getting good grades at school, winning a medal, a special appearance at school or for just being the best kid/friend around.

Use your imagination, reach down deep inside, find that little kid in you, start having fun again and recreate that fantasy that you would love for yourself and for the little special someone in your life.

Here are some actual events:



  • Our fairy went to a little girl’s house just before she went to bed and underneath her pillow was her tooth that had just fallen out. The Princess Fairy went inside the bedroom, greeted the little girl and introducing herself whilst explaining that she’d just come from Fairy Kingdom to collect her tooth and take it back there. We had organized with the parents earlier to give the child a little present in exchange for the tooth - in this case a butterfly ring. The Princess Fairy then wished her a good night, sprinkled fairy dust and went back to Fairy Kingdom. After we had gone, the little girl came running out - all excited and lost for words - telling her Mummy and Daddy that she had seen the Princess Fairy and that she had been given a butterfly ring.
  • Another little girl had the Fairy Princess come over just before she went to bed. She told her beautiful stories about the Fairy Kingdom and then together they read a fairy story book. Just before she left she gave her a beautiful certificate and a bag of goodies. The little girl replied when given these gifts, "...my Mummy and Daddy were married in fairy kingdom so that’s how they know you ...". Her mother laughed when she told us that part.
  • Pirate-Captain Crossbones went to a little boy’s place who loved pirates. With the parents help, we organized a treasure hunt in their back yard. Captain Crossbones came with his map to search for treasure (which the parents had buried in their sand pit), they lit up the backyard with sticks of flame so that it resembled a little Pirate Island Paradise, the Captain then recruited the little pirate and they were off in search of buried treasure.  After walking 3 steps left and 3 steps right, with a shovel/spade the little boy and the Captain Crossbones started digging and lo and behold, he struck the mother load (a box of all his favourite toys which were provided by his parents).   His eyes just lit up and he screamed with excitement  "... Mum, Dad, we found treasure!!". In the end, when it was time to return to the Pirate Ship, he saluted the Captain and hugged him and was reluctant to let him go because he had such a wonderful time.
  • Another little boy, who was 5, had his favourite superhero in his back yard standing on top of a brick wall.  While he was coming down the stairs, his mother said 'LOOK' to the little boy,  "...it’s your favourite superhero". The little boy couldn’t contain himself, but at the same time being a bit shy, went outside, talked to his hero about school and his friends then showed him his favourite toys and introduced him to his parents. They took photos together, and as mysteriously as he arrived, his hero told him he was needed in the city and disappeared over the wall again. The little boy was just in awe that he'd met his favourite superhero and that he knew his name, and even brought a special surprise for him.  To this day, it will remain a special memory in his heart. 

Adults  aka. the "Big Kids" 

  • At a man's 21st his girlfriend rang us up and wanted to surprise her boyfriend by bringing his favourite hero to cut the cake with him. When his hero showed up to cut the cake, he hugged him and was overwhelmed with joy on his special day that he let out a tear or two. Everybody cheered, took photos together and had a great time.
  • At a restaurant, a boyfriend had his girlfriends birthday party and when the cake was brought out he purposely forgot her present. She was disappointed but she accepted his forgetfulness gracefully.  He then said "..No, no, that's not good enough. You will have your present today just let me give someone a call...".  Little did she know, we were around the corner waiting for the cue to enter. He rang and told the hero that he was to drop what he was doing and go as fast as he can to the house, grab the present on the table and bring it to the restaurant they were at. When he got off the phone,   she laughed and thought it was all a bizarre joke.  In less than 2 minutes her favourite superhero appeared and walked into the restaurant. He approached her, gave her the birthday present and said, ' ...I came as quick as I could!!'. She couldn’t believe her eyes and she had the biggest laugh as to what a crazy stunt her boyfriend had pulled for her, she got off her chair gave him the biggest bear hug and kiss and all the people in the restaurant clapped and cheered and the party was a success.

Again Partyheroes saved the day because remember we're here to SAVE your party!!!

Whatever crazy, romantic, comedic ideas you have, we can work with you. So, don’t hesitate, give us a call and do something different, crazy and fun.  Bring out the little kid in you, they haven’t disappeared…..